Alana Kepa — Honolulu, Hawaii

Alana Kepa is a HOMEWRECKER! This fat ugly cow new that my husband is married ONLY to me, but that didn’t stop her from sleeping with my husband for 10 months. My husband said the sex wasn’t even good, that she didn’t wipe her ass and she was stinky down…

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Mikako Saita — Honolulu, Hawaii

Lays down with anybody, go figure she is a sagittarius that gives no fuks. 4’9 , her phony inserts are dependent upon her neck 🤮wanna be display like whatever is left of Hawaii. Her cvnt smells like an old snapper angle. Furthermore, will do anything for xanax. Shes one of…

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Jim Kaiser Lahaina Maui – Hawaii

Jim Kaiser is a psycho who was finally placed under Guardianship and is a ward of the state!!!! This fake is a mentally deranged bafoon who sends emails and texts threatening to kill people all over Maui!! He drinks all day long and gives blow jobs to men to get…

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