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Turnbull says dual nationals will not be affected by trump ban, but people like Leverett might feel threatened.” He said the Coalition has now accepted the Coalition government’s new position. “So when you look at the Coalition position, which they’ve stated at various points before, they continue to stand by their previous stance on this issue,” he said. But Labor’s immigration spokesman Chris Bowen refused to buy Mr Turnbull’s argument and said dual nationals, including former students and students who have completed a course in Australia and may be allowed to stay, had the right to stay in Australia. He said there were more than 5000 people in the country who were dual nationals, which meant the dual nationals were not in danger.

“It means that they can go about their business and work in Australia and not be in any way adversely affected by this announcement. If this is something that affects them or someone they know, it is something that the Coalition will not be too shy about talking to them about if they don’t feel confident,” he said. “We should also say clearly there’s no reason for dual nationals who have been in Australia, and who are studying or work in Australia and do not intend to leave or seek to leave… not to be treated as nationals,” Mr Bowen said. Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says the Government was not planning to deport dual nationals who were already here. “As far as I understand it dual nationals who are now here, they’ve been here for more than 12 months and if they continue to continue to live with their parent or partner in Australia, they should be able to stay,” he said. The minister said he was aware of around 700 children from the UAE who were living here legally.

“This is one of those cases in which what’s happened in those kids’ stories and the stories of many other people is that this is an age where the children have stopped attending school and their parents decide to let them remain at home,” Mr Dutton said. The government says this will ensure dual nationals don’t fall victim to the “dangerous” and “illegal” immigration system. The new rule will apply to dual nationals who hold either one of: a valid passport or student visa;

a work permit and/or permit for a temporary stay, granted for the purposes of temporary settlement; or

a family member who is a national of the EU and has worked in Australia for at least five years since 1 July 2010. “This legislation will not be impacting on the ability of those individuals to apply for permanent visas, or that their own children and others could also join them in a second home if they wish to do so, including through a new ‘Family Mobility Scheme’,” Mr Dutton said.

But it comes after the Immigration Department published figures earlier this week showing that almost 40 per cent of the nearl

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